Mission Statement

It is the mission of Faithful Friend Ministry to demonstrate unconditional love to young people in America.

Areas of Ministry

  • Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  • Church Services
  • Summer Youth Camps
  • Corporate Human Resources
  • Learning Institutions

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Our Goals

To go to as many opportunities for ministry as possible, to educate and encourage lay persons to become involved in juvenile assistance programs, and to raise financial support for juvenile programs.

Volunteers Needed

If you have a heart to reach troubled youth, please Contact Us for more information. If you're ready to jump in, just fill out the Long Application under Forms!


Donate Online


Faithful Friend is a 501(c)(3) chartered organization. Contributions and support come in the form of one time donations, honorariums for speaking, and sustaining monthly contributions.

You may make online donations with your debit / credit card via PayPal by using the form below. You may also make your check payable to Faithful Friend Ministry and send it to:
Faithful Friend Ministry
2701 W 15th St #553
Plano, TX 75075

The following is a list of things that are still needed:

  • Greater sustaining financial support - monthly contributions
  • Gasoline
  • Van to carry team members
  • Continuing expansion of volunteers and supporting churches
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About Us

We desire for all juvenile offenders to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Being devoted to reaching young people in prisons, schools, and churches with the Gospel requires a team of believers whose combined gifts and talents allow at-risk youth to see Biblical truth through music, illusions, athletic fetes, illustrations of a relationship between Master and follower, and powerful testimonies of changed lives.



You have to see this dog to believe it. Shiloh is the smartest thing on four legs and Les uses this wonderful creature to demonstrate relationships and obedience. Both of these messages, as they are reflected unto God have been well received by youth in incarceration.
- John Stutz
Admin. of Chaplaincy Services Texas Youth Commission

Faithful Friend is doing great work in reaching troubled youth. I can attest to their commitment and credibility along with their deep desire to show love to kids who might not otherwise experience it. They consistently model positive behavior, and the feedback from the kids has been excellent.
- Danny Meek
Superintendent of the John Roach Detention Center